days who will die mashup
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“We think there’s a dead body in the lake.”

From sexy hookups to surprising returns, the Days of Our Lives preview makes Salem look like a fun place to be this summer. But with Claire and Allie finding a “dead body,” it could be a dangerous place, as well.

The promo teases that the ladies encounter the possible body while enjoying a lovely day at the lake with Ben and Tripp. At least the foursome will get to have some fun in the sun before, you know, death goes and ruins everything. While we’re no doubt going to be left wondering whodunit, the first mystery to be solved is more of a “who is it?”

Xander grabs Dr. Snyder on Days of Our Lives

One thing we know: It wasn’t an accident, or so Eli indicates. And knowing foul play is likely involved, Dr. Snyder moves right to the top of our presumed victim list. Not only has he been accused of misconduct numerous times at the hospital, but he’s seemingly a blackmailing, pill pusher as well. He’s definitely been racking up the enemies, including Xander who recently paid him a threatening visit on Gwen’s behalf and is seen strangling him in the promo.

Much as we’ve enjoyed Gwen’s antics over the past few months, it’s no secret that some Salem locals — and more than a few vocal fans — would be thrilled if Jack’s daughter got out of town, dead or alive. Though she considers herself to be a master manipulator, she might very well have crossed the wrong person and found herself going for a deadly swim!

Then there’s the possibility we actually hate to even consider: What if the body in the lake turns out to be that of the currently missing Sarah? Although Kristen supposedly had her shipped out of Salem, what if instead that trunk wound up being tossed in the lake? Could our hopes for an eventual Sarah/Xander reunion be — pardon the pun — dead in the water?

Philip pins Jan against a fence on Days of Our Lives

Of course, Jan has also been wreaking havoc in Salem lately. She might be in a coma now, but we all thought that was true the night Charlie was murdered, too. What if someone decided that it was time to put her out of everyone else’s misery once and for all?

Another option is that the body is someone we never actually met but who has ties to someone on the canvas. Paulina’s been awfully secretive about her plans for Horton Square, and heaven knows that where EJ goes, trouble tends to follow.

The possibilities are endless, so tell us below whose potentially lifeless body you think ruins Allie, Claire, Ben and Tripp’s fun day at the lake. Then celebrate the anniversary of Stephen Nichols’ debut as Steve by perusing the below memories-filled photo album we’ve “patched” together in his honor. Then get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.