Nicole looks guilty in bed with Eric on Days of Our Lives
Credit: NBC screenshot

Is the NBC soap at last putting the newlyweds together again only to tear them apart?

There’s so much going on in the Days of Our Lives summer preview, we had to watch it a few times to process all the juicy storyline goodness coming our way. It’s full of romance, returns, scandal, mystery and general shenanigans. But one of the most eye-popping reveals is that Eric Brady is finally coming home.

Eric’s been mentioned a lot since he left Salem last September to do good works in Africa, mostly because he keeps putting off his return home. His continued absence has left his new bride Nicole frustrated, heartbroken… and drunk in bed with Xander.

Viewers have watched Nicole beat herself up the last couple of weeks and stress over Eric finding out about her indiscretion. Without him actually on screen, though, and with no previous indication as to when or if Greg Vaughan was returning to the role, the fallout had the potential to play out over a one-sided phone call.

Not exactly high drama, eh?

The latest summer preview changed all that, though. Not only was it a genuine surprise to see Eric in the promo, but it immediately intensifies the drama as Nicole scrambles to keep her one-night stand a secret from her husband. And with Nicole’s sister-in-law/nemesis Sami’s suspicions at an all-time high, the fallout from the eventual reveal promises to bring major fireworks.

The question now is, once Eric inevitably finds out, will he forgive Nicole or leave her for good? What do you think will happen? Tell us in the comments below and then refresh your memory of Eric’s past life and loves in Salem with the photo gallery below. Get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.