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Summer in Salem is going to be hot!

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for summer 2021, major returns plan to push the temperature into the red. Read on for the scoop.

Summer is around the corner, and the sexual tension in Salem is heating up! Lani and Eli have never been hotter, though Lani’s troublesome cousin Chanel is still hovering and could become a problem.

Xander and Gwen, both living in the Horton house thanks to Jack’s kind heart, meet and sparks ignite. Will Xander soon be saying, “Sarah who?” And how will Chad and Abigail, who is out of the picture, for the time being, react to this development?

Rafe and Ava are another couple who recently got together, though Nicole has been extremely lonely and jealous of her BFF moving on with her ex. Especially given her own husband, who she cheated on with Xander, won’t come home from Africa. Wait a minute, it looks like Eric is back in this Summer promo, and Nicole likely will have a lot of explaining to do! Especially since her nemesis Sami seems to suspect she cheated on her brother with Xander. But Sami has her own issues…

Not only is Eric back, but so is EJ, played by Daniel Feuerriegel. Sami has been in a panic since EJ canceled her blackmail payment to Xander, and has suspected he knows she cheated on him with Lucas. Could he really know? Based on this promo, we are guessing yes, especially since Sami can’t stay away from the clear “magic” she has with Lucas. It looks like the Lumi versus Ejami fan wars could be heating up again!

Then there is Philip kissing Chloe in this promo. What to say about this? Since we last saw her, Jan found her bound and gagged in the trunk of Kate’s car, which she stole, and Jan really didn’t care too much about her former nemesis “Ghoul Girl’s” predicament. In fact, she saw it as a two-for-one kidnapping bonus! Still, Chloe is in love with Brady, who just dumped Kristen… Have we just done the “Time Warp” back a decade or two and are about to revisit Brady and Philip’s battle over Chloe?

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Then there is Allie, who has just been exploring her relationship with Tripp, only to have her twin brother Jonny return! What drama will this cause? And in true Days of Our Lives teen scene fashion, the younger crowd is caught up in their own mystery this summer as a dead body washes up on the shores of… well whatever beach these kids go to every year to in the midwest.

Finally, Ben is determined to fight for his marriage but is being haunted by his very much alive wife Ciara who would rather he was dead. Oh and yeah, Paulina is back and in apartment 227 where a mystery awaits. There is a joke there for those of you old enough to remember …

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