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“Remember,” the Emmy nominee advised her followers, “Instagram is a highlight reel.”

The same day that Victoria Konefal learned that she was in the running to win an Emmy for Outstanding Younger Performer, she celebrated something else, too: her healthy figure. “I work really hard on my body,” she began her Instagram post, “but swipe to see what I look like after a fat-ass meal.

“Let’s remember that Instagram is a highlight reel,” she added. “The first pic was taken on an empty stomach” and shows the Days of Our Lives star looking fit and fab. “And the last vid was right after I ate.”

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Ciara’s portrayer still looks fit and fab but, as you’d expect, full. “It is normal and healthy to bloat, especially after you eat — which everyone should be doing all the time,” she noted. So “let’s normalize loving your body for what it does instead of for what it looks like. We are so powerful.”

In the clip, Konefal did just that, patting her tummy, four bowls of soup in it, and expressing her gratitude. “Thank you for digesting so properly,” she said. “You’re so good.”


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As the ingenue closed her post, she also gave a shout-out to the fans who’d been cheering her acknowledgement from her peers. “Thanks,” she wrote, “for all the Emmy-nom love today. [I’m] hyped and honored.”

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While you contemplate a bowl of soup or four, perhaps you’d like to stop by the below photo gallery, in which Konefal discusses highlights of Ciara’s wild life in Salem… so far!