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On May 21, Jake’s portrayer revealed that when someone yells “Cut!” at his place, it means something entirely different than at the studio.

Sometimes we swear, the relationship between Brandon Barash and daughter Harper is a sitcom just waiting to happen. Take, for instance, the glimpse into it that the actor shared on May 21.

“Haircut day!” the Days of Our Lives star captioned a photo in which he looked ready to go all Sweeney Todd on the 7-year-old’s sporty bob (and she looked… well, honestly, we couldn’t tell if she was more tickled or nervous). “About a year ago, we were in the thick of the lockdown, and Harper wanted a haircut.

“I jokingly said, ‘I’ll do it for you,’” continued Jake’s portrayer. “Amused, she called my bluff.”

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Ah, but flash-forward 12 months, and the joke’s on the little girl — Dad’s developed mad skills. “A year later,” he said, “I think I got the hang of it.”


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If he’s who has been keeping her hair so stylish, we’re gonna say heck yeah, he’s got the hang of it. Should this whole soap-opera-leading-man thing not work out, he could have a bright future as a high-end barber.

Of course, we see no scenario in which anything ever convinces the spotlight to veer from Barash; he’s the kind of performer for whom a permanent spot “front and center” is reserved, wouldn’t you agree?

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