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“People ask me on a weekly basis,” admits the beauty. 

Camila Banus told Instagram followers that she would have a surprise for them, and boy, did she deliver. Because Friday afternoon, she went live on the social media platform with none other than co-star Brandon Barash, giving Gabi/Jake fans a real treat.

That said, she also took the opportunity to break a little bit of bad news. Asked by a fan when viewers could expect the on-screen pair to have a baby, Banus said she was going to “cut this one right here for everybody” before stating firmly, “Gabriella can not have children.”

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Looking thoughtful, the actress added, “Maybe she could conceive, but then I don’t think that she could carry [it to term].”

Barash, however, wasn’t willing to give up the fight that easily. “Please,” he exclaimed. “This is daytime! You’ve got twins left in the womb. You’ve got twins forgotten about halfway across the planet… sterile people become unsterile like that,” he said, snapping his fingers to illustrate the point.

She, however, was drawing a line in the sand, saying that “for some reason, Gabriella, it’s very clear that she will never have children ever again.”

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Still undeterred, Barash — swearing they knew nothing about what was coming down the pike — called her proclamation “famous last words.”

Laughing, Banus admitted, “People ask me on a weekly basis, but I’m just saying… never. Ain’t gonna happen!”

As commenters pointed out that Salem residents come back from the dead and don height-altering masks on a regular basis, Banus conceded that anything was possible. “But for some reason, in my heart of hearts, I feel like it just can’t happen. Maybe I’m wrong.”

Determined to have the last word on the topic, Barash held out hope, saying, “Never say never!”

The laugh-filled chat (which you can watch in its entirety below) also shed light on everything from his first acting gig on Ally McBeal to her typical In-N-Out Burger order and whether or not either of them will appear on Cameo in the future.

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So what do you think, Days fans? Should Gabi and Jake have a baby… or is Banus right in saying that it’s not in the cards for the couple? Hit the comments with your thoughts, then check out this gallery in which we highlight some of Gabi’s many exploits. (We say some because if we listed them all, it would take all day!)