Ben is distraught talking about Ciara on Days of Our Lives
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Sami and Lucas work together to escape.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for May 17 – 21, Ben gets heartbreaking news, while Chanel enjoys the view. Continue on for the scoop…

Lani took pity and her troublemaking cousin and invited her to move in and be the twins’ nanny. Eli must have forgotten that fact as he struts around the apartment fresh out of the shower, giving Chanel quite the show!

Ben’s been holding out hope that Ciara, who left for South Africa with Theo, would eventually remember her love for him. Unfortunately, that’s not happened yet, and instead, she serves him with divorce papers! Find out what is to come in our exclusive chat as Days of Our Lives head honcho Ken Corday’s previews Cin’s future.

While Allie and Trip continue their sweet romance, Belle is seeing red as she watches Shawn and Jan Spears lock lips. Say what? Given these two already suspect Jan framed Belle for killing Charlie and is so delusional that she thinks she has a future with Shawn, this has to be part of a bigger plan. Could they be setting a trap for her?

And after Kristen trapped Sami and Lucas in the DiMera wine cellar, they find themselves forced to work together to free themselves. Honestly though, seeing how much booze that family chugs on a daily basis, it really won’t be long before they’re found!

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