Strangling dear old dad. (

These are the “DAYS” of my week for November 16-20:

I have little to say about this week. I found it amusing and exciting. Very sweeps-worthy! Here’s a lowdown on what stood out for me the most…

Baby Baby, Who’s Got The Baby?

First of all, it’s ironic that EJ was part of a baby switch when he was born and now his daughter was one. Killer!

Kate was incredibly amusing this week. Her lines were amusing and so was the way Lauren got them across. Lauren and James Scott have incredible chemistry and I’m looking forward to seeing more scenes between the two. One thing that I find unusual is that Kate never spends time with or even mentions her granddaughter Allie.

Everyone learned about the baby switch this week and Sami slapped around Nicole, making me laugh aloud, nervously while recapping – Sami was frightening! Their scene wasn’t a letdown but powerful. Sami’s rant left nothing out and Nicole sniveled and bawled. I felt for them both. Thoughts are now turned to custody of Brisbane Sydney. When EJ noticed Sydney was calling for her mum (mum mum mum) I thought of how it’d be a kick to hire Nicole as the nanny!

EJ learned Stefano put the hit on Rafe. I think he already figured that out as soon as he spoke with Mateo, otherwise why would he bother to save Rafe? We know he saved him because he and Samanther are back on common ground. It wouldn’t do to kill off her beau! EJ confronted Stefano about his part in keeping the baby switch a secret and strangled Stefano for backstabbing him. It’s the least he could have done, and was highly entertaining! Stefano fumbled around, searching for a way out and admitted he didn’t want Samanther to get her hooks back into EJ.He’s a lot like Kate. Just trying to do right by his kids, but always goes too far! That’s why they’re brilliant together!

I found Rafe and Sami to be very sweet and loving after Sami held Sydney for the first time, knowing that she was her daughter. I really felt the love. I didn’t feel much coming from EJ toward Sydney in the aftermath of finding out she was indeed his daughter, which was surprising, considering he’s always so open about his feelings when angry… Some feel the writers set up this whole storyline just to get Ejami back together but those who aren’t wrapped up in coupledom like myself can see that it’s not about that. Though there is a possibility that will occur, there is so much more involved here with Safe as a couple, with Nicole’s obsession with EJ, with EJ coming into his own and so on.

Speaking of EJ, why in the hell would the Mayor be at the mansion when the commander, Roman and D.A. Woods went to talk to EJ about the accusation Mateo made? What does the Mayor have to do with this? That made no sense to me!

Bail me out?

Chloe refused to bail Nicole out of jail. Though she said she had the money, we all know it’s Daniel’s money. She hasn’t had a job since the winter, but I digress. Nicole and Chloe’s friendship is over. Once Ari tells Brady the reason why Nicole was really arrested, their friendship will be over as well! Perfect timing for Fay to make her return to Salem, November 30. Mia learned the truth about the baby switch in the classic soap opera way, by overhearing a private conversation. Chloe was leaving a message for Nicole and blurted it out, but when Mia and Maggie confronted her with the information, she did what she always does and stared. I’d have liked to see emotion register on her face. You know, shock, denial, embarrassment and finally sorrow that she blurted this sensitive information out in public when she didn’t mean to. Luckily, Maggie saved the scene and tried to comfort poor Mia, whose head was spinning and who we could see was devastated. She really let Nicole have it in jail and considering Nicole is still in denial about what she has done, and that she’s out on bail, look for her to go after Sydney once more!

Strip him of his badge!

Bo amuses me but he shouldn’t be a cop! His badge should be stripped. He’s using his status to put a guard outside his door for Carly – the murderer, instead of turning her in. Oy! He hasn’t even seen her for sixteen years, yet he trusts her implicitly! Not to mention that when Abe did Bo’s job, he was uber busy and had no time for extra-curricular activities, and actually cared about the law, yet Bo has all the time in the world to follow Carly the murderer around Salem. He might want to try harder to see Ciara and to save his marriage rather than harbouring a criminal. Things might just get a little tougher now that Adrienne asked Justin for a divorce. How many saw that coming?!

The scene of the week wasn’t the baby switch storyline. It was Carly and Vivi’s scene at Bo’s place. Even though I still cannot believe Carly would even be in the same room as the woman who once tried to bury her alive without trying to kill her, it was still a great scene. Carly says to Vivi, “You have to remember, I’m in mourning. My heart is now like a block of ice.” Vivi’s comeback, “Oh, I’m sure Bo has a blow torch around here somewhere…” When Bo arrived to the house and asked how Vivi got in, she replied, “I’ve always been able to open doors with my smile, Bo.” Just classic DOOL. Love it and I am thankful to the show for bringing back Vivian and Carly and for doing such a great job, overall. It makes this part of my job much easier to do!