Sexy, hot summer ahead for Days
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Salem’s twenty-somethings could be in for a fun summer filled with lots of couple shakeups.

After so much heavy drama over the past year, Days of Our Lives has been on fire in the humor department lately. It’s been great fun to watch Sami and Lucas’ hair-brained schemes, Xander’s drunken antics, and Paulina’s biting one-liners. Now, it looks like the twenty-something set is lightening up as well — just in time for a hot, sexy summer.

We’ve already seen hints of this starting with Allie. Considering she spent the last year in tears, watching her laugh, drink, and let loose with Chanel couldn’t have been more welcomed. The fact that it led to a surprise kiss? Well, that just adds to Allie’s potential summer of fun.

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Tripp and Allie kiss outside Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Sure, Allie’s been getting close to Tripp the last couple of months and even kissed him moments after smooching Chanel. They have a sweet dynamic building and the smile Tripp puts on her face reinforces their appeal. All good things should come to Allie, but what if she protested a little too much that she’s not gay or bi? Allie has great chemistry with both Tripp and Chanel, which could lead to a love triangle rarely, if ever, explored in daytime.

If not a love triangle, at least Allie and Chanel could enjoy their summer being young twenty-somethings together. When Allie’s not being a doting mother to Henry, that is.

Then there’s Ben. After months of torture trying to find his beloved Ciara, only for her to not remember him and leave town with another man, Ben could also stand a carefree storyline. It feels pretty teed up that he’ll be paired with Claire, who hasn’t had the easiest go at it either. Of course, Ciara is due to return to Salem, throwing a wrench into any attempt at Ben moving on.

Ben grasps Claire's hand on Days of Our Lives

Add a possibly returning Theo into that mix and even more options open up. Young Carver could rekindle things with Claire, should Ciara and Ben reunite, or he could give dating Chanel another try. Unless, of course, the fine line between fiery hate and love starts to blur between his exes.

With the way Days has been mixing couples up lately, anything is possible. And we are one hundred percent along for the ride.

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