Jake grabs Gabi's arm to make a point on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

A naughty play on words!

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for May 10 – 14, Salem has seen its fair share of strange bedfellows, and this week is no exception. Continue on for the scoop…

Xander and Nicole’s relationship has been frosty, to say the least, with Xander once blackmailing Nicole into marriage and keeping her and Holly away from Eric, who thought they were dead. However, desperation causes people to do desperate things. With Nicole lonelier than ever due to her husband still in Africa, and Xander still broken-hearted over Sarah leaving him, these two turn to each other for comfort… and a little more!

They aren’t the only ones turning up the heat in this preview. After Kate, who was really Kristen in a Kate mask, dumped Jake and claimed to be leaving Salem for good, Jake runs straight into Gabi’s arms… and she doesn’t exactly push him away. However, the real Kate, kidnapped by Kristen, is desperate to get back to Jake but may be too late by the looks of this preview.

And it appears Sami and Lucas are the latest citizens of Salem to be locked in the infamous DiMera cellar. Last week they tried to con Chloe into believing Lucas was dying and to take a trip around the world with him. Sami went so far as to pull out the old Stan the Man mask, but Chloe wasn’t fooled. Now stuck in the cellar, Sami and Lucas once again go at each other!

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube