Victoria Konefal returns to DAys as Ciara Brady Weston
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“Ben and Ciara have a ways to go in their lives together.”

Yes, Days of Our Lives’ Ciara really left town with Theo in the episode which aired April 28. But headwriter Ron Carlivati tells Soap Opera Digest that both she and portrayer Victoria Konefal will be returning this summer.

The thrilled scribe was happy to announce that “Ciara is coming back, and we are going to tell that next chapter of the story… Hopefully, this time the audience will get the payoff that they’re looking for and hoping for.”

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Asked how long Konefal’s next visit might be, Carlivati played coy. “At this point,” he said, “I can’t speak for Victoria and I can’t speak for the show, and this is not an official announcement in any capacity, but I will say at this point, there is not an end date.

“We are working with Victoria to keep the story going,” he added, “and keep Ben and Ciara’s love story alive.”

While Carlivati does not know the exact date of Konefal’s return, he said that he “would encourage the audience to remember that [Ben and Ciara] have an important anniversary coming up this summer that may figure into their story, so she will be back sooner than you know.”

Could he be referencing the pair’s epic wedding, which took place last July?

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Carlivati hopes that Ben and Ciara will play an important role in the soap’s future. “We have amazing couples on our show, couples that you’ve watched go through every facet of their life,” he noted. “Children, marriages, separations, death, grandchildren, etc. That’s why to have a new couple come together for the first time, there’s an excitement and an energy there, and Ben and Ciara have a ways to go in their lives together.

“There are milestones other than marriage that these two have not experienced yet.”

Ultimately, Carlivati admitted that he understands “the audience’s frustration” with how the story has played out during Konefal’s most recent stint. “But I am very excited about Victoria’s return and about Ciara’s return, and I think that this time, they may be getting the payoff that they’re looking for.”

What say you, Cin nation? What do you hope to see happen when Ciara returns this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments section, then join us in flipping through Konefal’s backstage diary, in which she shares her thoughts on everything from being part of a supercouple to Ciara’s life before Ben.