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On April 21, Charlie’s former portrayer took us with him to the gym.

“Back at it, and it feels so good,” Mike Manning captioned a series of Instagram photos and videos of himself putting in a workout that looks harder than any we’ve ever even contemplated attempting.

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From there, the Days of Our Lives alum, who played ill-fated villain Charlie, didn’t just drop and give us 20, he dropped… hints. “I’m gaining weight for a new movie I can’t wait to tell you about,” said the tease, adding, “Oh, gym, how I missed you.”


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From the looks of his birthday post, the actor hasn’t missed the gym much — that, or he’s got a home set-up worthy of a personal trainer.


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Whatever the case, in his most recent post, Manning went on to explain that he was “using heavier weights to gain mass but eating clean with a lot of protein and veggies, and incorporating body-weight exercises so I don’t lose too much definition.

“This is a new challenge for me,” he went on, “so wish me luck.”

Needless to say, that we do. Although if we had our druthers, the scene stealer would be back in daytime tomorrow in one of the roles we’ve earmarked for him. Till he reveals the film he’s working on, ponder, why don’t you, the very real possibility that the up-and-comer will soon be added to our photo gallery of daytime vets who have become mainstream superstars.