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The biggest cliffhanger of them all: Will the show go on?

Here we go again.

If there’s one storyline absolutely no one wants to see repeated, it’s the one we watched unfold back in November of 2019, when our sister site TVLine reported that the entire Days of Our Lives cast has been released from their contracts as they — and fans — anxiously awaited news of a renewal. While the good news did eventually come down, the show was extended only through September of 2021… and as of yet, no word has been given regarding the fate of Salem’s residents beyond that.

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As YouTuber Josh Pray put it, “We’ve had this conversation before!” He then made his case for why Days needs to be renewed, reminding executives in charge of such decisions that “the show ain’t just a show… [it ] means something. It’s like waking up and having Folgers coffee. It’s like waking up with no sunrise! [We] need Days of Our Lives to be there for us!”

It was a sentiment echoed far and wide as word spread that we were once again awaiting word of a renewal, with no less than headwriter Ron Carlivati chiming in to endorse Josh’s commentary.

While fans are obviously determined to see their favorite show renewed, it might not seem quite as obvious to the executives in charge of making such decisions. It should, however, be a no-brainer… especially in the current climate. For one thing, it’s increasingly difficult for any show to find (let alone maintain) a loyal following, thanks in large part to the number of programs now available via streaming and cable. Long gone are the days when there were three broadcast networks and PBS.

Yet year after year, soap viewers in general — and Days of Our Lives viewers in particular — keep comin’ back for more. And truth be told, NBC hasn’t even begun to explore the possibilities where repurposing its lone soap is concerned. For example, while the pandemic has led many primetime shows to either shutter production entirely or drastically dial back the number of episodes they’re able to stockpile, there sits Days of Our Lives, ready to be rerun each evening or even as part of the late-night lineup.

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While the show’s audience is not necessarily the demographic most coveted by advertisers, it’s far more loyal (to both their favorite programs and their sponsors) than younger viewers with shorter attention spans. Soaps are also a medium capable of changing in order to reach new audiences (although as we’ve repeatedly pointed out, the medium has become seemingly terrified of doing so in recent years).

But perhaps the biggest reason the show must go on has less to do with statistics and ratings but the fact that this is something the audience desperately needs during these dark and troubling times. As Pray jokingly says in his video (which can be viewed in its entirety below), “Days of Our Lives is all I’ve got! Don’t take that from me!”

Now’s your chance, Days fans. Hit the comments with why you believe the show should be renewed. Then, remind yourself of the incredible stories, couples and twists that have unfolded over the past 56 years by flipping through our photo-filled gallery covering the incredible history of this iconic soap.

Video: YouTube/Josh Pray