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Will EJ have to prevent his sister and his wife from destroying one another? 

If there are two women in Salem you don’t want to cross, they would probably be Sami and Kristen. Each of the Days of Our Lives vixens has whipped up a cookbook’s worth of revenge schemes and destroyed a fair number of rivals… and now, they’re engaged in the kind of feud which could ruin relationships and devastate lives.

At the moment, Kristen would appear to have the upper hand, having caught Sami in the act of cheating on husband EJ with ex-husband Lucas. “And boy, does Kristen use it to her advantage,” portrayer Stacy Haiduk told TVInsider.

At the moment, Kristen has one goal and one goal only: to prevent Chloe from worming her way back into Brady’s heart. The big question is just how she’ll use the info she has on Sami to manipulate the situation. Without giving too much away, Haiduk warned that her alter ego would do “things that you won’t expect.”

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Of course, Kristen might be making a very big mistake in thinking that blackmailing her sister-in-law is a good idea. While this tactic might work in the short-term, Sami isn’t the type of woman who will simply sit back and allow herself to be used… especially given that she’s not exactly powerless in the situation: Sami now knows that Kristen is walking around town pretending to be Susan, which is a pretty valuable bit of info to possess.

The wild card in this scenario may well be EJ himself. Although Sami admitted that she and her husband have not been on the best of terms recently (just before proving as much by sleeping with Lucas!), it’s almost impossible to imagine a world in which the DiMera heir doesn’t still love his beautiful and complicated wife.

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With Days having recently recast the role, it seems likely that EJ will find himself having to choose sides. But will he support the sister who literally helped bring him back to life or the woman who has been by his side during the long, painful recovery process?

What do you think, Days of Our Lives fans? Is Kristen making a bad situation worse by dragging Susan into her convoluted scheme? And behind whom do you think EJ will ultimately throw his support? Share your thoughts in the comment section and then, as we anxiously count down to NuEJ’s first appearance, check out the photo gallery in which we revisit his and Sami’s epic love story.