DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Season: 52 -- Pictured: Vanessa Williams as Dr. Valerie Grant -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

It’s been almost impossible for Vanessa Williams “to make a fitting post,” she said.

This year, Siblings Day was a bittersweet-at-best occasion for Days of Our Lives‘ Vanessa Williams. As she explained to her followers on Instagram, less than three weeks earlier, “on March 23, my little brother left this earth.”

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The actress, who plays Valerie on the NBC soap, has understandably been reeling ever since. “Heartbroken and shook,” she wrote, “it’s been hard to process and harder to make a fitting post!

“So much, too much,” she continued. “I just don’t have the right words… “

Williams might not have felt like she could adequately express herself yet. But as far as we could see, she did a beautiful job of encapsulating her feelings about her late brother. “I love him,” she said. “He lives in me, in his children and every life the light of his life has touched!

“Rest in peace,” she concluded her post, “darling Matthew Elliot Williams!”


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Needless to say, our condolences go out to Williams and her family during this difficult time.

If this story has left you feeling unusually reflective, first of all, if you can, call your own sibling. Second, pay your respects to the soap stars that we’ve lost already in 2021 by reviewing the photo gallery below.