Blood on his face, Philip sits at a Brady's Pub table with Gabi on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Desperation drives shocking actions this week in Salem.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for April 12 – 16, Ben does the unthinkable, and so does Chanel!  Continue on for the scoop…

So far every attempt to help Ciara remember, whether it’s familiar trinkets that Ben has shared, or Marlena’s hypnosis sessions, has only made this worse and pushed Ciara into the arms of her ex Theo. This week Ben does the unthinkable and plans to inject Ciara with Dr. Rolf’s memory serum! Given in the past it had some pretty nasty side effects, like giving Will a brain tumor, we can’t help but think this won’t go as Ben planned. In fact, we are betting it will backfire in a huge way and potentially drive Ciara out of Salem.

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Ever since Paulina cut her spoiled daughter Chanel off, she’s been looking for a sugar daddy to take care of her. And she found that in a drunk and heartbroken Xander, who she reveals to her mother is her new husband! But are they really married, or is she just that good of a schemer? She wouldn’t be the first woman to fake a marriage for money in Salem.

It’s spring, and new love is blooming in Salem. Philip makes a romantic gesture towards Gabi, which is sure to boil Kate’s blood and make Jake jealous. Tripp and Allie grow closer, and Chloe finally makes a move on Brady. Susan, er Kristen, probably will have a lot to say about this! Oh yeah, and guess what Sami and Lucas did!

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