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His mom “said he’s really cute,” Sami told BFF Jamie, “but I’ll bet he’s a nerd.”

How wrong Days of Our Lives’ Sami was. From the moment that Bryan Dattilo first appeared on the NBC soap on April 15, 1993, one thing was abundantly clear about Lucas Roberts: The stud muffin was no nerd.

As a matter of fact, in his first scenes, Kate’s son was seen canoodling with the early-’90s equivalent of Britney Spears. Of course, Sami didn’t know that when she got hired at Titan and given her first assignment: showing the military-school cadet around Salem. 

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Sure, boss Kate (then Deborah Adair) said that her son was a handsome devil. But Sami remained skeptical. Extremely skeptical — and not just because at the time, she was all about her half sister Carrie’s boyfriend, Austin. She assumed that Kate was exaggerating as all mothers do.

But there was no denying what a dashing figure Dattilo cut as he strutted into his first scene with longtime leading lady Alison Sweeney in his uniform.

Of course, in the years that followed, the actor would prove over and over again just what an asset he was to the show, whether Lucas was positioned as a spoiler to Carrie and Austin’s romance, a father to Will and Allie or the unlucky-in-love odd man out in relationships with everyone from Chloe to Nicole. There was — and is — nothing that Dattilo can’t do, from heavy drama to mischievous comedy.

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So on the momentous occasion, stop off, why don’t you, in the comments to congratulate him on his milestone. Then, while you’re here, stick around to peruse the below photo gallery of Days of Our Lives — and Lucas — through the years.