Lumi hook-up far-reaching consequences on Days of Our Lives
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Sami and Lucas reigniting their flame could be the beginning of a whole lot of drama.

Before they fell back into each other’s arms last week on Days of Our Lives, Sami admitted to her ex-husband, Lucas, that her current husband doesn’t want to touch her anymore. Her admission was especially heartbreaking considering Sami devoted her life to finding EJ when everyone else believed he was dead. And now that they’ve reunited, he wants nothing to do with her. We can’t exactly blame Sami for finding comfort elsewhere.

Although to be fair, EJ was held in Rolf’s lab for years and suffered debilitating burns when Sami did finally find him. There’s no doubt he’s processing a lot of trauma.

But now that Sami’s admission to Lucas paved the way for a reunion, at least for the night, Lumi fans are rejoicing. However, it brings a lot of anguish to Ejami fans, which could intensify considering just how entangled this situation has the potential to get. (Warning, light spoilers ahead!)

lucas returns from europe with news for chloe

For starters, per a Soap Opera Digest interview, Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) previewed that Sami will feel terrible about sleeping with Lucas because, despite their current situation, she’s still in love with EJ. Guilt won’t be the only thing she’ll battle though, considering Kristen finds out about their tryst and blackmails Sami into helping her keep Chloe away from Brady. To try and accomplish that, Sami will order Lucas to seduce Chloe, who happens to be his ex-wife.

And before EJ even returns.

Once he’s back, we can’t help but imagine how much stickier things could get, considering EJ has his own exes who could enter the picture. Perhaps, a newlywed and, let’s face it, abandoned, Nicole will become susceptible to her ex-husband’s charms and feel that old pull. Not only have Nicole and Sami battled over EJ before, but adding more fuel to this potential fire is that Nicole is married to Sami’s brother, Eric.

Then, there’s Abigail, who had an affair with EJ just before he married Sami. But now, she’s dealing with her own drama after Chad slept with her newfound sister Gwen. And if Gwen really turns out to be pregnant with Chad’s baby, that could be Abigail’s last straw with her philandering husband. Which means, she might find herself giving Chad a little payback by “reconnecting” with his half-brother EJ.

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As for EJ, it’s not hard to imagine him turning to either of his former lovers. They don’t exactly have a stake in his recovery, so the expectations for him to be anyone other than who he is now will probably be low.

There’s no word yet on when EJ will turn up, but with Sami stepping out on her husband with Lucas, the drama is primed and ready for his return. Should EJ go on to reunite with any of his exes? Well, then, all the better for fans of soapy drama.

What do you want to see happen? Refresh your memory on EJ’s past in the photo gallery below and then let us know in the comments.

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