Kate, Jake, Gabi, Philip Days of Our Lives
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If Philip’s meddlesome mother gets what she says she wants, she could lose what she has.

We previously floated the idea of a Philip/Gabi coupling when they first went into business together in February. This week, Days of Our Lives finally started teasing the idea of them as a pairing, or potential pairing who might just exist to make the people in their lives jealous.

Initially, we thought the two would team up to try and make Jake and Chloe green with envy so they’d come running. Their chemistry this week only solidified how easily they could pull off that rouse, furthering our speculation they could fall in love, or at least in bed, in the process.

Blood on his face, Philip sits at a Brady's Pub table with Gabi on Days of Our Lives

However, Chloe seems firmly entrenched in Brady’s drama with Kristen and Susan, so seeing Philip with Gabi might not have the effect we thought it might. But, there is a woman in Philip’s life whose objection to them could affect their potential union — his mother.

Though Jake was accused of being jealous when he saw Gabi fawning over Philip as she tended to his cut lip, it was Kate who had the bigger reaction. She did not want her son to getting close to Ms. Hernandez and had no problem letting Philip know it.

Jake holds Kate on the DiMera couch on Days of Our Lives

She might say she doesn’t want her son to get involved with Gabi, but trying to put a stop to them before they even happen could seriously backfire. First of all, it works directly against Kate’s agenda — which is to keep Gabi away from Jake. If Gabi’s not with Philip, then she’s free to keep pursuing her deceased husband’s identical twin. Secondly, it’s not hard to imagine Philip becoming more drawn to Gabi the more his mother fights against it.

Then again, that latter outcome might be exactly what she’s going for. Protest hard enough that it pushes Philip and Gabi together, thereby ensuring Gabi stays away from her man. Kate’s certainly gone to greater lengths to get what she wants.

Gabi and Jake's attraction on DAYS

However, should Kate manipulate the situation out of jealously and Jake finds out, it could be the last straw for him. He’s repeatedly proclaimed she is who he wants, but Kate doesn’t seem to hear him. And her jealousy act is getting old with him. Taking extreme measures against Gabi could be one step too far, causing Jake to run straight back into his former lover’s arms.

Which is exactly what Kate doesn’t want.

What do you think? Will Kate be the one to push Gabi and Philip together? Or will she end up driving Jake back to Gabi? Tell us what you think after looking through our photo gallery of daytime’s greatest supercouples below.

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