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No less than William Shatner recently had a little fun with Xander’s portrayer.

Twitter — come for the interaction, stay for the comedy. On March 29, a fan of Star Trek captain William Shatner expressed shock over the iconic actor’s age. “Wait, wait, you are 90? I swear I just recently saw you running around shirtless on the TV.

“Time flies,” he continued, “when you’re having fun.”

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STAR TREK, from left, William Shatner, Angelique Pettyjohn, 'The Gamesters of Triskelion,' aired January 5, 1968, 1966-69

What could Kirk do? The aliens were playing shirts vs. skins.

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In response, Shatner — who was infamous for his topless scenes on the original 1960s series — joked that he had to have been mistaken for someone else from the Trekverse, Paul Telfer, who played Commander McCain in 2020’s Star Trek First Frontier.

“That must be [Paul],” insisted the showbiz legend. “Every time I’m switching channels, I come across him in various stages of undress.

“Apparently,” he added mischievously, “the show he’s in doesn’t have a wardrobe budget.”

Without missing a beat, the Days of Our Lives leading man tweeted back at Shatner that “I am a frugal Scotsman!”

And a damn well-dressed one at that. Or damn well-undressed, as the case often is.

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OK, yeah, maybe we are noticing a pattern here…

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