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The bundle of joy made a truly soapy entrance into the world!

Days of Our Lives star Marci Miller revealed on Instagram that she and hubby Ryan Matteson had welcomed new daughter Willett into the world. And as the first-time parents tell it, things played out much they way they might in Salem!

“And just like that,” wrote Mom, “we see in colors that we never knew existed. Willett (Willie) James Matteson interrupted her parents’ game of blackjack at a mountain casino to be born March 13 in the midst of a blizzard.

“She has us over the moon,” the actress added.

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Dad echoed those sentiments, along with a few additional details, on his own Instagram feed. “My heart could not be larger,” he admitted. “Our little 6 lb., 10 oz., Willett James Matteson joined us air breathers on March 13 during a Denver white-out blizzard.

“Mom and Dad are ecstatic,” he continued. “And tired.”

The comment section was evenly split between family, friends and co-stars welcoming the baby… and fans admitting they had no idea Miller was even pregnant!

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Accompanying the posts were gorgeous pics via Marissadela Photography. Interestingly, while Miller’s Instagram shots were in black-and-white, those selected for her husband’s social media feed were in color… so you’ve got a whole slew to peruse!

After joining us in congratulating the new parents in the comment section, why not take a peek at the photo gallery below in which we look at soap stars and their real-life doppelgängers, including Miller and… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself who she resembles!