John looks guilty on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Nothing is as it seems.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for March 29 – April 2, things take a bizarre turn in Salem, one you just have to see to believe. Read on for the full scoop!

Fresh of being dumped by Sarah, who was really Kristen in one of those wacky masks, Xander has now become a priest, and Bonnie a nun? And they are hooking up?

John, who is one of the many people who may have killed Charlie, finds himself in prison and about to get a lethal injection, from Sami!

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Chloe has reverted back to her ghoul girl persona, and Dr. Rolf’s plan to impregnate Kayla with a Stefano clone appears to have worked. The good doctor is about to give birth at any second!

Yes, it’s the beginning of a new month, which means … April Fools!

Getting back to reality, Gabi asks Philip out to dinner, and Jake catches them in an intimate situation. Gabi accuses her former flame of being jealous. Is he, and was this just another one of Gabi’s games?

Susan warns Brady that Chloe has feelings for him. Of course, nobody but poor Sarah, who is locked in a trunk somewhere, knows Kristen is posing as Susan to keep Brady and Chloe apart.

Though she doesn’t remember Ben or their marriage, Ciara does remember Theo, and he’s pretty happy about it. Ben isn’t, and can’t believe Theo isn’t looking out for him. Desperate, Ben turns to Marlena and her skills for help.

John, who has been keeping the fact that he suffered a blackout the night Charlie was murdered a secret from many, confides in Marlena that he remembers something else about that night.

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