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Looks like fans aren’t the only ones who might take issue with the scribe’s decision to write the actress out.

If you’re upset about the fact that Days of Our Lives has seemingly torn popular couple Xander and Sarah apart by writing out her portrayer, Linsey Godfrey, you’re not alone. Of course, you probably already know that, given that the Internet has been issuing a collective, plaintive wail since first the news broke.

But it looks like headwriter Ron Carlivati might have some explaining to do when it comes to Godfrey’s biggest fan, who definitely has his ear.

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The wordsmith sent a message to the leading lady, thanking Godfrey “for her warm, witty and winsome portrayal of Sarah Horton.” He went on to add that “not only are you super talented, but also a shining light of positivity in this world, and you were always so sweet to my dad, aka your No. 1 fan.”

Even as the actress was thanking Carlivati for the opportunity and sending “endless love” to his pop, former Bold and Beautiful writer Patrick Mulcahey chimed in to admit he “hated losing her” from that show.

“Plus,” he added, “she’s fun at a party.”

As if knowing instinctively how some on the Internet might interpret that, he hastily added, “by which I do not mean anything unseemly!”

Ridge, Caroline beach B&B

During Godfrey’s Bold & Beautiful run, life was a beach for her Caroline and Thorsten Kaye’s Ridge.

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Meanwhile, as Godfrey’s final episodes unspooled, fans couldn’t help but question the twist in which Stacy Haiduk’s Kristen donned a mask to impersonate her hostage. Matt from Atlanta took to Twitter to ask how nobody in town noticed that suddenly, “Sarah” was two inches shorter… even digging up a little info on the actresses to support his take.

In response, Godfrey pointed out that the Web isn’t always the most reliable source. “The best part,” she wrote, “is none of that is right. Haha! I’m not 5’9″, I’m barely 5’6″, and Stacy is probably closer to 5’9”.

“The Internet,” she added, “will also tell you I’ve been married twice, but I’ve never been married, or if I have, I’ve never been invited to the weddings!”

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As we brace ourselves to say goodbye — or perhaps, if we’re lucky, only farewell for now — to Godfrey and her Salem-based alter ego, why not share your favorite Sarah moment in the comment section? Then check out the below photo gallery that takes you through Godfrey’s and a bunch of other soap stars’ most memorable makeovers.