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These are the “Days” of my week for November 9-13:

It’s November sweeps and the show is full of drama and excitement, focused on getting the baby switch storyline out in the open. There was a bit of a ‘showdown theme’ throughout the week with Bo and the nameless man from Interpol, Sami finding Nicole at her townhouse after learning the truth about Sydney and Rafe finding Sydney hiding out with Chloe. I still think there’s a twist coming but let’s back things up a little and chat about what happened this past week and try to tie in some of the storylines to figure out what’s to come.

The truth shall set us free… from this storyline:
Sami learned Sydney was her daughter and the whole sordid story surrounding the baby switch from Rafe, Thursday. Thank goodness! It was built up so much by all of us that when it actually happened, it was a bit anti-climactic for me. The storyline went on simply too long and since Sami isn’t immune to crying, it didn’t touch me. Perhaps that’ll change once Sami is able to “talk” to Nicole and tell EJ and move on with her life with her rightful baby. Though I’m not a big fan of the couple, due to the lack of chemistry, Rafe proved how much he truly is a good guy and how much he loves Sami. I’m curious to see how EJ takes the news and wonder what this will mean for Ejami and for Safe.

EJ’s arrogance flared up with Rafe’s return to Salem and the men marked their territory. It’s a good thing Samanther wasn’t standing right there, and that they guys are men and not dogs, or she might get in the way of the ‘marking’! Like any DiMera man, EJ needed a new obsession and Arianna’s his new target. This could cause issues between Bradianna and it’s exciting to begin a new storyline. EJ and Samanther’s new arrangement has caused EJ to save Rafael ‘old bean’s’ life after Stefano put out a hit on the ex-FBI agent, which we all understood but what’ll be the fallout from this?

The best line of the week goes to EJ, who asked Kate, “Mummy, I’d like to know where daddy is!” Kate was a blast at the Salem PD this week in her scenes with Roman. Such haughtiness! I have always loved her scenes with EJ.

Back to Bradianna, Brady learned the truth about Ari working undercover and offered to help, but first, he got into her pants again. These two really dig the makeup sex and they don’t just stop at one round. It’s impressive, but there’s something missing with these two. I’d like to see some more dating and less candles. Seriously, who stops to light candles each time you want to romp? I don’t see Nick and Phyllis doing that over on The Young and the Restless! Their couch and a blanket suffices.

What, no cat fight?
I find it hard to believe that Chloe could even be in the same room as Kate and not try to kill her. Truly, after what Kate did to her, their scene at the mansion where Kate hands Sydney over to her could have been a knock down drag out cat fight or at the very least it could have had a lot more angst from Chloe.

Speaking of our dear dim one, Chloe learned she has a 2% chance of having kids. Did you find it odd that for somebody who claimed to want children, she took it a little too well? She’s already moving on to ‘other options’! Out of all the barren women I know who wanted kids, not one took less than a few years to be alright with their plight. I didn’t mind that she couldn’t have them because she was never shown to be a lover of children in the first place and I think it’s more realistic to have people in soaps who don’t always want kids. Keep it real. Some are childless by choice and quite happy about it but the writers don’t write for them. I thought Chloe would be one of them. She really flaked out when she fell asleep on her bed with eleven month old Sydney sitting up awake, by her side! Sydney could have fallen off the bed and hit her head and died. Chloe was so dead to the world that Daniel took the child out of the house without her noticing – and she wants to be a mother? Is there something else wrong with her?! That’s scary. What’s also scary is that we’re no sooner done with the baby switch storyline that lasted a year and we’re already spoon fed another. I’d rather see a grown up storyline for a while! Like a few years.