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So what if it took a mind meld to get them together again — even if she’s a little charred, they’re together again at last.

There are those in Days of Our Lives’ audience — and heck, even on’s staff — who have rolled their eyes at the psychic connection between Ben and Ciara. And we can see their point. Anytime someone is putting stock in what a suddenly-clairvoyant Susan has to say, our imagination is getting stretched pretty close to the breaking point.

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But on the flip side, the NBC soap has done — and gotten away with — even farther-out stuff, a fact of which “Cin” fans are quick to remind the skeptics. “So…. Father John literally once saved Marlena from being possessed by the devil — not to mention the same time he saw her in captivity via VR goggles,” tweeted Matthew Smith, “but Ben/Ciara with a psychic link is [over the top]? Mmkay.”

As silly as it may have been when Ciara literally cried out to Ben — and he heard her in his mind — some fans ate it up. “We watch and love our shows for stuff like this!” argued Michelle Wilburn. “I think it’s great! It’s love in the afternoon for a reason.”

Alyssa, on the other hand, wasn’t having it. Or, rather, she was, she only wished that she wasn’t. “It’s so cringe-worthy,” she tweeted.

Alan Sarapa was just glad that the supercouple didn’t go the expected route after Ciara’s disappearance. As he put it, “I think ‘Cin’ is the first soap pairing in a long time where one half was presumed dead and the other one didn’t have sex with anyone else during that period.

“That is rare for soaps,” he added.

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Other viewers have simply been living for the reunion. As Ciara tried to break the glass of her cage with the pipe, xotonironixo almost couldn’t take the suspense. “If the last thing she says as she passes out is ‘I love you, Ben,'” read the tweet, “I’m going to be a goner.”

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What do you think? Was Cin’s psychic connection a step too far? Or were you just happy to go along for the ride, no matter how bumpy, as long as it returned them to one another’s arms? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, a scrapbook of the duo’s explosive wedding day. (What is it with them and pyrotechnics?!?)