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The actress was running through her lines for some promos when, let’s say, feathers got ruffled.

On March 10, much-missed Days of Our Lives leading lady Kristian Alfonso shared to Instagram a behind-the-scenes video of herself rehearsing to tape a few promos for Lifetime’s upcoming TV-movie adaptations of V.C. Andrews’ All That Glitters and Hidden Jewel (airing March 27 and 28, respectively).

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That, in and of itself, would have been fairly interesting, right? Not only is the garden in which the soap icon is running lines almost as lovely as she is, but you get the sense that it’s a wee bit chilly, what with her wearing her coat backwards and all.

But then, in the middle of her run-though, there’s this almost indescribable sound — kind of a… What would you even call that? A snarl? Seriously, WTH? “Whoops,” she explains with a laugh. “That odd noise [was] eagles arguing about who claimed the tree first.”

Who knew eagles snarled?!?

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As previously reported, Hope’s former portrayer is tackling the new role of Gladys Tate, who’s hell-bent on keeping her son from his childhood sweetheart. With good reason, at least: The kids just might be related.

While you’re here, perhaps missing Alfonso as much as Salem is Hope, why not check out the below photo gallery, which replays highlights of the actress’ incredible run on Days of Our Lives.