Louise Sorel and Lauren Koslow (Traci Jones)

My Day of Days Event day started out with me leaving very early, at 6:00 AM, skipping breakfast in order to get there early enough to get freebies. I hope this is my first of many, Day of Days events and it was a gorgeous, sunny morning. I made it there early. I think there were only about 20 people in line when I arrived. We received a blue Days of Our Lives tote bag, a cool autograph book with pictures of all the stars, a temporary tattoo of the Days of our Lives logo, a magnet, and a raffle ticket. Off to the side where they had the stage set up, there were props where fans could take pictures. There was a sign that read: “Welcome to Salem” and another place where we could take a “mug shot” (with mug shots of the characters who have gone to jail in Salem surrounding it).

I immediately started making friends with the fans. Everyone was so excited and so friendly. It was definitely a party-like atmosphere. The place filled up pretty quickly and I had made the decision to sit at the end of the front row, rather than sit right in front because I wanted to be able to get away quickly soon after the stars came out so I could be sure to get a good spot in the line for my favorite actor on the show, James Scott (EJ). I had met him before at other events and didn’t want to miss another opportunity.

Before the stars came out, there was a guy walking around with a microphone talking to the audience, warming up the crowd. Just before the stars came out he gave out very specific instructions: One autograph per fan, but no pictures “with” the actors. The stars were called out one by one and the crowd erupted. It was a lot of fun sitting amongst people who love the stars as much as I do and the stars looked as though they were enjoying the event as much as we all were. They were waving at fans and there was a lot of excitement in the air. Once they sat down and I took a good look at them and took off to stand in James’ line, which was also for Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), and Wally Kurth (Justin). I was less than 100 people away from the start of the line. When James, Nadia and Wally came up about a half hour later walking by the line, everyone cheered and applauded them and after they took their seats, it took a little less than an hour for me to get up to the front of the line in order to talk to them. When I got to James, he asked in that wonderful English accent if we had met previously. I told him I was at the Boston Days Charity Event. He was very sweet and allowed me to take his photo.

I spoke with Nadia who I have also met at the other two events where I had met James, and felt pretty familiar with her. She asked me for my name with a big smile. I told her my name and that I had tweeped to her and Brandon a lot on Twitter and she nodded and signed my book. When I got to Wally Kurth (Justin), he wasn’t looking up and just signed my book quickly. When I told him that although I’m not familiar with his work I was enjoying him on the show, he smiled and seemed very casual and nice. Meeting the actors was done in under a minute but I enjoyed it and went to the next line still feeling really excited.

The line for Lauren Koslow (Kate), Louise Sorel (Vivian) and Joe Mascolo (Stefano) was of course long as well and I waited about an hour again in line to meet the actors. Lauren is the most charming Days of our Lives actress I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is bubbly, sweet, fun and just an absolute sweetheart. When I came up to her, I said, “Uh-oh this is the scary table”. She laughed and looked over at Joe and Louise who were busy and said something like, “Oh we’re not that bad,” and she signed my book and let me take her picture.