Sarah tells Xander about her night on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Are Xander and Sarah a little too happy?

Xander can’t contain his excitement over his wedding to Sarah, as seen in this week’s Days of Our Lives video promo. Sarah’s one hundred percent on board as well and not letting anything, even Chloe’s stories about Xander’s shady past, shake her faith in him. But is their exuberance a sign of bad things to come?

Since it’s a soap opera, we’re going to go with yes.

“With this couple, you have to work to balance the fun with the drama, because people love how quirky they are,” Days of our Lives’ headwriter Ron Carlivati said.

Since viewers have been treated to a lot of the fun over the last few months, it sounds like it’s time for the drama to creep back in.

But what form will that take?

Well, Sarah’s ex, Rex is returning just in time to crash Xander’s two-man bachelor party with Jack at Brady’s Pub. But, since Rex cheated on Sarah, and she left him for his brother Eric, his presence doesn’t feel too concerning.

Especially, as mentioned above, how in sync and in love Sarah and Xander are. Therefore, we’re hoping Rex’s reappearance into their lives goes the way of Xander’s cousin, who Carlivati confirmed was never a real obstacle to the oddball couple.

“There was never any threat that she was actually going to get involved with Philip,” Carlivati said. “We want to keep them on the same side. The audience loves this couple and the things about them that make them unique.”

Hopefully, that sentiment extends to Rex as well. But even if Rex isn’t a danger to Xarah’s love, that doesn’t mean they are free and clear to marry and live happily ever after.

As the spoilers also indicate, Sarah will happen upon prison escapee Kristen, who is passing herself off as Susan. And if we know anything about Kristen, it’s that nothing good can come from that.

So what do you think will happen? Will Rex or Kristen ruin Xarah’s happiness? Will Sarah and Xander’s love prevail? Tell us below and then look through our photo album of Xander and Sarah’s romance.

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