Eat your heart out, Tom Sawyer.

Why… why, yes, Mike Manning, we will pitch in. We’ll all pitch in. Who with a pair of eyes in their head wouldn’t, after the Days of Our Lives alum (RIP, Charlie, you rat bastard, you!) posted an absolutely fabulous — emphasis on the abs — Instagram snap of himself in front of some wood planks.

“Can anyone help me,” he asked, “paint this fence?” (Take a peek at the pic here.)

Ha. The up-and-comer had to have known exactly what he was doing there — keeping interest nosebleed-high in his next move even after his on-screen alter ego was killed off. And perhaps with good reason. It was only on February 26 that he lamented that his first magazine cover coincided with his character’s demise. (And here we’d been hoping that a split-personality storyline could potentially keep him on the canvas.)

But, he hastened to add, he was “excited to share what’s next as soon as I can.”

Ahem, come again?

We had some ideas about what that could — or should — be. However, until Manning’s next role is revealed — and if there’s a god in the soap heavens, there will be one, and one that isn’t written into a corner from the get-go — perhaps you can content yourself by perusing the below photo gallery of suspects in Charlie’s murder mystery.