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How far will Abby take her revenge plot?

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for March 8 – 12, it’s the moment fans of Ben and Ciara have been waiting for. Read on to find out what happens!

Kristen’s worst fears that Chloe is making a play for Brady seem to be coming true. As Chloe and Brady stare into one another’s eyes at The Brady Pub, she ponders that they were once good together, and could be again.

Ben locates an unconscious Ciara in her glass cage and tells his love that he’s really there. But is this just another dream sequence? And if not, why does it appear they’ve been through a terrible explosion?

Why is Claire on the other end of Evan’s gun? And what is it that she knows that Evan feels he needs to take her out? Fortunately Shawn and Ben race to her rescue, but will they be too late?

Xander celebrates with his best bud, actually his only bud, Jack on the eve of his big fat Greek wedding. He asks Jack to be his best man, and Jack accepts. Of course, we all know how weddings on soap operas go, so there is bound to be trouble ahead. Speaking of trouble, Sarah is stunned to find Kristen out of disguise and not in prison.

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In the DiMera cellar, Abby prepares to inject Gwen with some of Dr. Rolf’s serum to force her to tell her the truth, but she might not accept what Gwen has to say because the truth, which viewers know, isn’t what she wants to hear.

Finally, Paulina meets Kate and the claws come out!

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