Roark Critchlow was last seen in soaps playing Arthur Harrison on Bold and the Beautiful in 2007. Before that, he also portrayed Dr. Ackland in the now defunct Harmony’s Passions, but he’s probably best known in the soap world as the good doctor Mike Horton from Days of Our Lives. He was Dr. Mike from 1994-1999. Since then, Critchlow has been in several films, namely “Mr. Deeds,” and he recently popped up as a tough guy, Paul Kendrick, on a remake of ABC’s “V.”

The show is about an extraterrestrial race who arrive on Earth with what seems to be good intentions, but slowly, they reveal themselves and their true intentions. If you haven’t started watching already, please feel free to watch an exciting trailer of the new series, below.

Does the show sound as exciting to you as it does to me? Are you already watching “V,” and enjoying Roark in his new role? Were you aware that Roark was also in Mending Fences?