Sami shows up at Charlie's place on Days of Our Lives
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What are Gabi and Abby up to in the middle of the night?

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for March 1 – 5, Jackée Harry’s Paulina hits town, and who killed Charlie is on everyone’s mind!

Lani’s Aunt Paulina arrives in Salem and meets Abe, who she calls the man who knocked up her sister. Paulina is bound to stir up trouble, and we can’t wait to find out more about her.

Half of Salem threatened to kill Charlie, but only one of them shot him. Belle comes to Sami’s defense this week after she was found at the scene of Charlie’s murder by Rafe, and her prints were all over the gun used to shoot him. And while Sami is very capable of doing the crime, she may not be guilty of it.

Gabi and Abby have teamed up in an unlikely partnership in order to take down Gwen. Bonnie catches both of them leaving The Salem Inn with a giant basket full of dirty sheets, and she wonders why they are doing laundry in the middle of the night. That’s a reasonable question, especially since neither works at the inn! She’s quick to throw out the accusation as to what’s in the bin.

Kristen has been parading as Susan to try and stop Chloe from going after her man and becomes upset when Brady is tempted to sample Chloe’s baked goods. Just how long can she keep up this charade before someone catches on?

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Xander proposed to Sarah, and she returned the gesture, and they both said yes. With Maggie out of town tending to Summer, Xander and Sarah have decided not to postpone their nuptials. Look for Xander to get fitted for a unique, yet traditional, wedding outfit.

And poor Ciara is still locked in that glass cage and being held by Evan, who is out for revenge. As Marlena tries to help Ben connect with Ciara, Evan taunts her with a newspaper and a shocking headline!

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