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On February 24, the actor took to Instagram with sadder than sad news.

It was a post Eric Martsolf couldn’t have wanted to write, one in which he disclosed that his mother had passed away. “Heaven was fortunate today to have received this angel,” he captioned a pair of photos of her.

“My mom was the most original mixture of beauty and toughness I’ve ever known,” he continued. “She lived and loved fiercely, and the family unit was always to be treasured and never abandoned.”

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She was also the sort of person that you just wanted to be around. “Any room was better with her in it,” wrote her son, who plays Brady on Days of Our Lives, “and her storytelling style riveted the toughest of crowds.

“I will miss the perplexed look on the many waiters’ faces when asking for a large glass of ice to accompany your Chardonnay,” he added, “and I will greatly miss the outlandish, and sometimes admittedly inappropriate, laughter that we extracted from any situation.”

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In the end, despite the ache in his heart, Martsolf was able express gratitude for the time they had rather than merely sadness because that time was over. “Rest now, Mom,” he concluded, “and thank you for showing me how to love. I, and everyone who knew you, will miss you.”


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Sigh. While we send a mental hug to Martsolf and his family, perhaps you might cheer yourself up — before calling your own mom (and yes, you should) — by perusing the below photo gallery of stars and their mothers.