philip and gabi make a deal on Days of Our Lives
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Are those sparks we see between Philip and Gabi?

After Jake passed and Xander’s offer became moot when he quit Titan, Days of Our Lives’ Gabi finally found a home for Gabi Chic with Philip. He might have been impressed by her stellar business plan, but their bonding over recent rejections and her suggestion that they crush their enemies together seemed to really seal the deal.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

We’re thinking so.

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As is hard to forget, Gabi’s rejection came at the hands of Jake, who insists (maybe too much?) that he wants to be with Philip’s mother, Kate. Meanwhile, Philip’s feelings for Chloe went unreciprocated, as she seems to be more interested in tending to his nephew Brady’s wounds.

Since Gabi is always scheming and Philip is not above it, it’s not too big of a leap to imagine that, as they try to topple their business rivals, Basic Black and DiMera, they team up for more personal reasons as well — to make the objects of their affection jealous.

Unlike Xander and Sarah, who tried to make everyone think they broke up, we imagine Philip and Gabi doing the exact opposite and flirting all over Salem pretending to be very much together for Jake and Chloe’s benefit.

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Should this potential plan work, the ramifications could have far-reaching consequences. For starters, should Gabi succeed in luring Jake away from Kate, it could drive a major wedge between Kate and Philip, due to his part in the plan. Not to mention, Kate is going back to work at DiMera, so mother and son will be at odds in more ways than one.

As for the other side of the equation, if Chloe is affected by seeing Philip with Gabi, she might have big decisions to make. Especially if Brady decides Chloe’s the saner choice for him over his murderous, Susan-impersonating girlfriend, Kristen. Should Philip, Chloe, and Brady enter into a love triangle, it would no doubt send Kristen directly over the edge, putting all of Salem on high alert.

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There’s also the option that Philip and Gabi’s showmance turns into a reality. Maybe they get what they want — Chloe and Jake respectively — only to realize they want each other. Or, maybe they just use each other to release some sexual tension until their objective, whether personal or professional, is achieved.

Whatever the scenario, we’re game to see where the possibilities lead for this potential power duo.

What do you think? Do you want to see Philip and Gabi get together or should they stick to business?

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