Allie helps Tripp hold Henry
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In the blink of an eye, Tripp has gone from Allie’s possible rapist to her love interest.

If anyone deserves happiness on soaps right now it’s Days of Our Lives’ Allie. Since she returned both SORASed and pregnant last June, it’s been one heartache after another. Even her portrayer, Lindsay Arnold, is ready for a change of pace. But pairing the character with Tripp is not the right direction for young Allie.

At least, not yet.

Since the day they reunited in Salem, Allie has accused Tripp of rape. The ensuing months consisted of her trying to have him arrested and him calling her a liar.

Of course, he wasn’t the culprit. Allie eventually remembered that it was actually Tripp’s half-brother Charlie who attacked her, not Steve and Ava’s son.

Allie and Tripp share a light moment on Days of Our Lives

That’s great news for Tripp as a character. He is now free to find unproblematic love with someone viewers care about on the canvas. And based on the way Allie was looking at Tripp when he held baby Henry in Monday’s episode, it looks like she might be seeing him in a whole new light.

But should she be?

Allie has known that she was wrong about Tripp doing one of the worst things a man can do to a woman for all of five minutes. Given that she’s been thinking of him as her rapist for months, shouldn’t it take more than his name being cleared and her seeing him holding a baby to make her heart flutter?

As for Tripp, Allie told anyone who would listen that he was a rapist. He might be able to understand and even forgive her given the circumstances. But intentionally or not, Allie did do everything in her power to make his life a living hell. Even a saint might have a tough time suddenly seeing her as girlfriend material.

Allie happy on Days of Our Lives

They could be a good romance to invest in, but it’s a story that should take time to develop. The audience needs to go along on the journey as Tripp and Allie slowly navigate the landmines which would naturally arise from the events they’ve gone through over the past year or so.

As Billy Flynn recently told, it would be nice if Days was given the time to really invest in stories. To take their time telling them. This is one story that could definitely benefit from that.

What do you think? Can you make the leap to Tripp and Allie as a potential couple so quickly after their recent troubles? Or do you think Days should wait on this pairing? Look through our photo gallery of soap opera supercouples who failed and then tell us what you think below!

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