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More importantly, they’re right under the noses of the powers that be. But — will they look below their nostrils to keep the MVP in daytime?

Somewhere, the movers and shakers at Days of Our Lives must be gnashing their teeth over the fact that they cast in a go-nowhere part an actor as talented as Mike Manning. The guy is so good, spirited debates broke out here at over whether his alter ego Charlie — a sick-in-the-head rapist — could be redeemed by, say, dissociative-identity disorder or, as the case turned out to be… not.

days claire charlie undressed JJ

“On the plus side, you’re getting chest in show. Er, best.”

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But the NBC soap’s loss should most definitely be another soap’s gain. (Heck, it may already be: In the scene stealer’s farewell message, he remarked that he was “excited to share what’s next as soon as I can.”) If we were an executive watching this backstage drama unfold, we’d cast Manning as one of three characters before he’s even done showing up in (what we expect to be) weeks of flashbacks that will ultimately reveal Charlie’s killer. And those characters are…

Jack Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful

We’ve discussed before how the son that Brooke kinda-sorta “shares” with nemesis Taylor could blow up the whole show. And were Manning to tackle the SORAS’d role now, Ridge’s nephew could become yet another trophy in the war being waged by sibling rivals Paris and Zoe.

Paris watch Carter, Zoe B&B

“Allow me to translate this facial expression for you, Zoe: Dibs on the new guy!”

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Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital

This one seems a little unlikely, considering how willing Bryan Craig is to resurrect Sonny and Carly’s son. But you’ve gotta admit… Manning looks a whole lot more like he could be the brother of Chad Duell (Michael) than Craig ever did.

“My favorite Morgan used to be Fairchild… ”

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Brooks Prentiss on The Young and the Restless

It’s been almost 40 years since Lance and Lorie’s son was last seen in Genoa City, but if we fudge the years a little — OK, a lot — Manning would be well-cast as a next-generation power monger determined to make a name for himself among the legends he grew up hearing about (i.e. Victor and Jack).

young restless jaime lyn bauer john mccook lance lorie

“Wonder where that kid is now… ”

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And as for love interests… bah! Summer, Sally, maybe even Abby would be putty in his hands!

What do you think? Could you picture Manning in any of these roles? Or do you have a better one in mind? Hit the comments with your suggestions, and while you’re here, peruse the below photo gallery of soap superstars who need to be brought back to the fold, like, yesterday!