Abigail and Gabi against Gwen on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Watch out Gwen, Abby’s coming for you.

Days of Our Lives’ Abigail has had a rough road. Whether being traumatized by Ben or battling her D.I.D. or grappling with her husband Chad’s infidelity, Abigail has been painted the victim more often than not.

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But not anymore.

Her new sister Gwen has pushed Abigail too far and she’s ready to dish out her own brand of justice.

Consider us glued to our screens.

Not that there haven’t been signs of Abigail’s strength in the past. For example, we cheered when Abigail didn’t take any of Juliet’s scheming crap in the digital series Chad & Abby in Paris, but we want so much more of that.

Abigail shouldn’t totally go to the dark side, mind you, but straddling the line between good and evil would be a nice change of pace.

Considering her vow to take down Gwen and teaming up with her arch-nemesis Gabi to do it, it looks like we’re going to get what we ask for. After Gwen drugged Abigail, blew up Jennifer and Jack’s marriage, slept with Chad, and was involved in Laura’s death, it will be so satisfying to watch Abigail harness all the power and give Gwen a little of what’s coming to her.

Not only that, it could be fun to watch Abigail and Gabi go from enemies to, well, probably not friends, but potentially frenemies. Which is often the best kind of relationship on soaps. Just think of One Life to Lives’ Victoria and Dorian, All My Children’s Kendall and Greenlee, The Young and the Restless’s Mariah and Hilary, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Hope and Steffy, and General Hospital’s Ava and Nina.

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Whatever way this goes, all we have to say is, Gwen, you better watch out. Abigail is on a mission and, with Gabi involved, it’s not going to go well for you.

What are your thoughts on Abigail taking back a little power to unleash hell on Gwen? Look back at her life in photos and then tell us below!

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