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“Shouldn’t there be a slap coming here or something?”

If you’re the kind of soap fan who talks back to the screen while watching Days of Our Lives, you really need to meet WTMJ reporter Vince Vitrano. Because like you, he has opinions about everything from Ciara’s captor (“Not a real good poker face!”) to the lack of logic shown by some of Salem’s most popular residents (“How many times can you fake ’em out? ‘She’s dead again! I don’t know how it could have happened!'”).

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You see, when not keeping the residents of Milwaukee informed, he’s watching his favorite soap (in the newsroom, no less) and sharing videos of his reactions on Twitter. And sure, you’d think given his locale, he might be drawn to Wisconsin-set Young & Restless, but Days is his jam.

“Here’s Kristen,” he laughed while watching a recent episode, “experiencing no diminished privileges after pointing a gun at a guard and breaking out of prison. She’s still got the run of the place, you know. ‘I’ll just use the phone whenever I want, unsupervised.'”

And not for nothing, but the dude’s impression of Vivian’s besotted manservant Ivan is on point.

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When Charlie tried convincing Claire that he’s not the fiend everyone knows him to be, Vitrano asked, “Shouldn’t there be a slap coming here or something?” before gleefully applauding as the episode ended with Ben hearing Ciara’s voice over the cellphone.

In other words, Vitrano is one of us, and the sheer joy he derives from watching — and commenting on — the soap is a joy to behold. Now that we’ve expanded your social circle, why not flip through the photo gallery below in which we hit some of the highlights which have unfolded in Salem over the past 55-and-counting years.