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Days of Our Lives actress gives props to her big sister during a hectic time.

This past week, so many have been affected due to the latest winter storm and just in Texas alone, millions are still without electricity. Days of Our Lives’ Martha Madison (Belle) may currently be in California, where the NBC soap opera is filmed, but she has a home in the Lone Star state.

The actress took to social media to deliver a special shout-out to her older sister Bo for moving all of her belongings out of her Texas home “in the middle of the worst snow storm Dallas has had in decades….with no electricity or heat!”

Madison laid out how Bo has gone above and beyond to help her little sis by packing up all of her stuff, “every single box,” and “ran numerous annoying errands for me and fielded countless controlling texts and calls from yours truly,” which Madison deemed as, “my version of helping,” due to her being stuck in Cali.

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We are glad to report that the major heavy lifting is done and Madison’s things are safely stored away. However, even after all of that, Madison pointed out that Bo was still “going to drive over to check on our mother [who suffers from Frontotemporal dementia] who is also without power and water.”

But the biggest message the actress wanted to get across was, “Bo is a hero. Bo is the best of us. Please leave a message for Bo telling her how awesome she is because, quite frankly, my words are not nearly enough, and she deserves ALL the love today.”

Bo, from all of us, you rock!

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