Kristen, Brady and Chloe on Days of Our Lives
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Kristen’s threatening someone he cares about, but Brady remains unfazed. 

Chloe works with Brady at Basic Black, spent New Year’s Eve with him, and offered to play nursemaid to the gunshot victim. All while insisting she’s not interested in her ex. It might be a case of protesting too much as the audience certainly sees the pull. Heck, even Philip called her out on it. Regardless of Chloe’s feelings, or non-feelings, the real issue is, should she continue to cozy up to Brady considering who his girlfriend is?

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Kristen holds a gun on Chloe at Brady's beside on Days of Our Lives

Kristen is currently behind bars, but as she’s already proven, that means nothing. She took her brother as a hostage in order to escape so she could get to her beloved. Then, she threatened Chloe’s life who she blamed for Brady getting shot.

You’d think Kristen’s parting warning before heading back to prison would be enough to keep Chloe away from Brady, but that has not been the case. This week, Chloe got overly familiar with Brady when she helped him get dressed, wiped mustard off his face, and insisted she come over every day to help him recuperate despite everyone telling her not to.

Susan doesn’t seem to appreciate Chloe hovering over Kristen’s man either, as she agreed to swap places with her doppelganger in prison so Kristen can… what? Kill, imprison, or maim Chloe in order to keep her away from her man?

Kristen’s dangerous presence aside, we have to wonder why Chloe is so devoted to a man who is treating Kristen’s threats like she’s simply trolling her on Twitter.

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Susan eating ice cream on Days of Our Lives

To be fair, when Chloe first floated the idea of her helping him convalesce, Brady did point out it wasn’t a great idea considering Kristen threatened her life.

“I don’t want that happening again to you,” he said, oh, so generously. Then, he assured Chloe he “leaned into her pretty hard on the phone” about Kristen pulling a gun on her.

Oh, well, as long as he leaned into her, then it’s all good.

In the past, Kristen raped Brady’s brother Eric, lived to make his step-mother Marlena’s life a living hell, and impersonated Nicole. She might require more than a strongly worded phone conversation to keep her from eliminating a perceived rival.

The fact that Brady’s not more urgently trying to protect Chloe from Kristen, not to mention, distance himself from the obsessive DiMera, is baffling. Barely caring that his current love almost killed his ex-wife and friend is not a good look.

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Chloe tends to Brady while he eats on Days of Our Lives

Chloe might want to rethink her recent choices and maybe run from Brady and never look back.

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What do you think? Should Chloe put some distance between herself and Brady or do you want to see them reunite? Tell us below and then look through our photo gallery of Brady’s many failed relationships.

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