Sarah and Xander in bedroom on Days of our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Valentine’s Day continues with some romance mixed with violence.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for February 15 – 19, Valentine’s Day continues in Salem with romantic gestures and daring rescue attempts, plus a little jealousy. Keep reading to find out what will happen!

Last week Kristen convinced Susan to switch places with her in prison so she could keep an eye on Brady and Chloe. Kristen was convinced that Chloe was after her man, and she might be right. Chloe, who agreed to be Brady’s caretaker so he could be released from the hospital, gifts him with a charming valentine.

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After quitting his job at Titan in a huff over Victor refusing to accept Philip’s resignation, we’re wondering if Xander is going through a mid-life crisis because he gets down on one knee and proposes to Sarah. However, her answer likely isn’t the one he was hoping for.

After a joint dream about Romeo and Juliet, Ben was more convinced than ever that Ciara was trying to tell him that she wasn’t dead. After she managed to get a message to him, Ben is determined to rescue her and enlists help.

Abigail comes face to face with Gwen for the first time after Laura’s death, and well, it’s safe to say these two won’t be bonding as sisters anytime soon. Abigail then turns to an unthinkable person to form an unholy alliance to take Gwen down.

Jake, still firmly with Kate, is finding himself more and more tempted by Gabi. And Philip accuses his mom of being afraid that she’s going to lose her boy toy.

Finally, Lucas, out with Allie and Henry for a nice stroll, runs into Charlie, and well, things get ugly fast!

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