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At long last, the lovebirds finally reunited… if only in Ciara’s dreams.

From the moment we first saw Days of Our Lives‘ Ciara alive and well — if being held against her will — we began counting down the moments until she and hubby Ben were reunited. And obviously, they would be reunited, right? Certainly, the show would never be so cruel as to clue us in to the fact that Ciara is alive and then not give us the joy of seeing her wrapped once more in the arms of the man she loves.

Headwriter Ron Carlivati pretty much knows that fans would be calling for his head were he to try such a thing. “This is definitely a story about their journey toward reuniting,” he promises.

The key word, of course, being journey.

Shirtless Ben and Ciara on Days

“Once we knew Ciara would be coming back, there were a few routes we could take,” he explains. “Maybe she was injured and a good samaritan took her in. Maybe she had amnesia. But we didn’t want to go the amnesia route, so that basically left us with someone holding her prisoner.”

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That said, Carlivati also knew the inherent limitations which come along with that type of twist. “Obviously, this is a love story,” the scribe says. “With her locked up behind plexiglass and him running around trying to find her, you don’t get to play the incredible connection that Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal have created between Ben and Ciara. If they’re not on screen together, it’s not going to be satisfying for the audience.”

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With that in mind, “we’ve found ways for them to connect and for the audience to see them together.” One of those ways — an elaborate Romeo and Juliet fantasy sequence — hit the airwaves on February 11. Unfortunately, many parts of the country didn’t get to see the romantic scenes thanks to news coverage.

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While episodes of the soap can be found on Peacock (where they are typically uploaded after 8 ET each evening), we know you can’t wait that long. So click the gallery below, and we’ll show you pics from the fantasy sequences which will have to tide #Cin fans over until the pair can actually reunite.