Steve and Kayla's 2006 Wedding on Days
Credit: Image: Paul Skipper/JPI

A longtime Days supercouple is about to celebrate the holiday of love in a big way.

Fans, and loyal followers of Stayla, have been anticipating what’s to come for Steve and Kayla ever since we revealed in our Days of Our Lives spoilers that Steve would be surprising his Sweetness with a Valentine’s Day wedding. Now the day is here and the actors have taken to social media to get geared up for their big event!

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Stephen Nichols posted an old video clip on Instagram, where Kayla lost a bet playing pool and had to pay up in kisses. The actor teased, “Coin or kisses? What can the Patchman do? No contest. The first in the series leading into our Valentine’s wedding.” In the video, after the payout was delivered, Patch admitted, “This was the best game I ever won,” and Kayla confessed, “You know what… best game I ever lost.”

He then went on to share another classic clip, where Kayla reflects on Patch once telling her that he would have died three times over if it wasn’t for her. She recalled the time he almost died on a cliff, and having getting wrangled up with a snake, but didn’t remember the details from the third time. Do you remember what they were? Watch the video for Patch’s romantic reminder.

Prior to that Nichols joked about how he and Evans “rehearse at #days,” and finished with, “Love my Sweetness.”

Mary Beth Evans chimed in as well on her Instagram page by posting a photo of Kayla from one of their past weddings with the caption, “Maybe some things do get better with age… yikes… at least the evolution of my hair.”

It’s a safe bet that we will be treated to yet another romantic wedding in Salem, but while we wait, take a moment to look back through time in our gallery featuring photos of Steve and Kayla’s drama-filled adventures of their early years.

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