Sarah and Xander hatch a plan on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Xander might have struck out with Victor, but all is not lost for the reformed Days villain.

After months of trying to prove himself worthy to Victor, Uncle Vic confirmed he will always choose his son, Philip, over his nephew. It was a slap in the face to Days’ Xander, who finally had enough. Rather than continue sharing the CEO position with his money-laundering cousin, he quit Titan.

So, where does that leave Xander now? There are spoilers ahead, so only keep reading if you want to find out.

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Xander quits Titan on Days of Our Lives

No word on his professional prospects, but Days of Our Lives’ headwriter Ron Carlivati tells us, “He’s disillusioned. You know, it’s the thing that he wanted most and suddenly, he’s like, ‘Do I really want this?’ He’s very disappointed in Victor, which is an interesting reversal, in that, Victor has usually been the one disappointed in Xander.”

Even though Victor let him down, that doesn’t mean Xander’s all alone. There is one person who has his back, despite all the misguided things he’s done over the past few years.

“His focus has been Titan,” Carlivati said, “and now it’s going to be on Sarah. She’s the person who stood by him through all of this. She was there even when it seemed as if he was being irrational where Philip was concerned. Others might have thought, ‘Come on, Philip is a good guy, he wouldn’t be doing what you’re accusing him of.’ But she stood by him and helped him get to the truth. So now, he wants to put a ring on it!”

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Yep, Xander’s proposing. With how happy and in sync they’ve been lately, it seems likely Sarah will say yes, but will they get a happily ever after?

Soap fans should probably know better than that, as Carlivati teased, “Because it’s a soap, maybe it won’t be quite that simple.”

Sarah smiling up at Xander on Days of Our Lives

In addition to the above scoop, the headwriter also recently gave Xarah fans a little treat. When asked on Twitter about a missing scene from Tuesday’s show, Carlivati explained a scene was cut for time. However, he shared what viewers would have seen:

The sweet, romantic dialogue feels like it would have nicely cued up the proposal that is supposed to happen next week. However, with pre-emptions, due to the impeachment hearings, it’s all very tentative.

For when the proposal will happen, keep an eye on the Days spoilers (which we’re regularly adjusting) and tell us what you want to see for Xander’s future — with Sarah and beyond.

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