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Yup, we don’t get it.

That Days of Our Lives’ Gwen would have been furious with Laura for playing God to keep Jack from even knowing that he’d fathered a child with Tiffany (RIP), we understand. Completely. It was Laura’s capital-B, capital-L Big Lie that changed the course of Gwen’s whole life — and not for the better.

But for the NBC soap to go so far as to kill Laura… hmm. That, we don’t get.

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Newer viewers might think of Jennifer’s mother as just a peripheral character, someone who floats in and out of Salem occasionally to offer psychiatric advice and a warm hug. Not usually at the same time, although come to think of it, that would’ve been nice.

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Nope. Looks alone don’t kill; Gwen checked.

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Longtime viewers, on the other hand, will know that Laura is as significant to the show as the iconic hourglass. In its early days, when the character was played by Susan Flannery (later Stephanie on The Bold and the Beautiful), she virtually was Days of Our Lives. And the story written for her by the late William J. Bell (the co-creator of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful) — a controversial triangle between the heroine, husband Mickey Horton and her rapist, his brother Bill — turned the show from so-so to so-OMG.

In other words, Tom and Alice’s daughter-in-law mattered.

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So to give Laura such a shoddy sendoff, as a casualty of a retconned backstory for Jack and Gwen, feels… wrong.

What do you think, Days of Our Lives fans? Would you have preferred the soap show Laura a little more respect, even if it was still going to introduce her to her maker? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, an updated list of all of the actors who are leaving/recently left Days of Our Lives.