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Who is holding Ciara and why?

It’s going to be a big week in Salem as Philip’s problems lead to violence, Allie makes a big move that could expose the truth about Charlie and… hmm. It feels like we’re forgetting something. Oh, right, a certain familiar face who has been much missed by everyone, including her grieving husband, shows up! Read on for all the details…

After Xander dissolved the shell corporation Philip was using to launder money for the Vitalis, a target was literally put on his back. Chloe offered to hide him out at her place, which Brady warned was a really, really bad idea. As it turns out, Brady was right. As evidenced in the video below, things are about to take a very dark turn… but who’s going to be on the wrong end of a gun?

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Meanwhile, Ben has been haunted by Ciara ever since her supposed death at the hands of Vincent. Her mother Hope was so convinced she wasn’t dead that she left Salem to search for her, and she was right. Ciara is being held hostage and locked in a room that looks awfully familiar. But the question is, who has her and why?

Elsewhere, the second Gabi returned to town last week, she made a beeline for Jake. The next thing we knew, she was proposing they mix business and pleasure, even going so far as to show him exactly what the latter would entail. Unfortunately for her, he made it pretty clear that Kate is the woman he’s with and the woman that he wants.

Of course, anyone who’s ever met Gabi knows she’s not a woman who takes no for an answer, so this week, she’s going to make a rather startling request of Jake… who probably won’t have the response she’s hoping for!

Rafe, Nicole and Ben all suggested to Allie that she use hypnosis as a way to remember her attack, but she was unsure she wanted to relive that night. However, with Charlie out on bail and maintaining his innocence, she finally allows Marlena to take her back to that night in London.

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Gwen revealed the truth to Jack and Jennifer, that she was his long lost daughter, now Abigail finally gets her chance to face off with her newfound sister, who wants to destroy her family. And if you expect Abby to deliver another slap to Gwen, think again!

Meanwhile, join us in celebrating the 35th anniversary of Drake Hogestyn’s arrival in Salem with the below gallery in which we look at everything from John Black’s epic romance with Dr. Marlena Evans to his very, very complicated history.

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