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“She knows what she wants, and nobody’s going to tell her she can’t have it!” 

No sooner did Days of Our Lives‘ Jake declare himself ready for anything that walked through the door of his new office than in strutted Gabi to test that theory. Looking like a million bucks, she proved what portrayer Camila Banus told us during a recent chat: “Gabi’s not the kind of woman who goes unnoticed. She likes to make an entrance!”

She’s also not the kind of woman to run from a fight, which means she’s ready to reclaim everything she left behind the last time she exited Salem. “She knows what she wants,” warns headwriter Ron Carlivati, “and nobody’s going to tell her she can’t have it!”

Unfortunately for Kate, what Gabi really wants is Jake.

“She doesn’t see what Jake has with Kate as a viable relationship,” says Carlivati. “She tells herself, ‘Maybe it was a fling, maybe it was because I wasn’t around.’

“But now,” he adds, “she’s coming back super-confident and is basically like, ‘OK, I’m here to pick up my Jake. Thanks for keeping him warm!'”

Jake holds Kate on the DiMera couch on Days of Our Lives

If Kate and Jake remain this close, it’ll be hard for Gabi to squeeze between them.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

However, things aren’t quite that simple because Jake has developed real feelings for Kate. “That hurts,” admits Banus. “For it to be Kate, of all people, who is sort of like a mother to her… that’s someone she’s confided in and trusted.

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“They even buried a body together, or at last tried to,” she laughs, referring to the time the women — with an assist from Sami — tried to dispose of the not-as-dead-as-they-thought Nick. “Gabi may react to the situation in anger, but she’s covering the fact that deep down, she’s hurt.”

Business, Meet Pleasure

Rather than sit back and wait for Jake to realize she’s the one that he wants, Gabi will make herself difficult to resist — or at least to avoid — by working closely with Jake at DiMera Enterprises. “She’s the kind of confident person that thinks, ‘Even if he’s involved with somebody else, obviously, he’d rather have me. Anybody would rather have me!'” Carlivati explains. “And one trait she and Jake definitely share is a competitive nature.”

days jake gabi office JJ

Call us crazy, but this seems like an HR violation!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Which is where things will get tricky, especially during “work” hours. “Gabi thinks that she’ll use this business thing as a way to stay close to him,” previews the scribe. “It becomes a question of whether he’s in denial or he really, truly has moved on.

“And even if he has,” he goes on, “that doesn’t mean that Gabi’s going to accept that he has.”

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As Banus concludes, “If there’s one thing that will always be true where Gabi’s concerned, it’s that you should expect the unexpected.”

Now that you (and Kate) have been appropriately warned, do you think Gabi’s determination to land Jake will prove successful? Or might Kate’s hold on his heart be stronger than her rival anticipates? Share your thoughts in the comment section, then visit the photo gallery below in which we relive some of Gabi’s greatest hits… and misses.