Sarah and Xander's love story on Days of Our Lives
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Comedy and mutual deception make for a fun, lighthearted Xarah.

Next week on Days of Our Lives, Sarah fears someone has been hurt due to her and Xander’s actions. That someone could be Philip Kiriakis, aka the person whose dirty dealings they’ve been trying to expose and the reason they broke up, but not really.

It remains to be seen what, if anything, happens to Philip, and why Sarah believes she and Xander are responsible. Philip is working for the Vitali crime family though, so if anything happens to him, that might have something to do with it. But then again, Xander did just shut down Philip’s money-laundering operation, which is sure to make Angelo unhappy.

Philip in the middle of upset Sarah and Xander on Days of Our Lives

Regardless, it has been fun to watch Sarah and Xander doing deceptive things together instead of Xander going off on his own, worried the woman he loves will leave him over his underhanded actions. Not only is it entertaining to watch them work together as a unit, but it’s a nice change of pace to see them in lighter, more comedic scenes.

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In place of heavy, emotional drama, viewers get to enjoy Xarah sneaking around tailing Philip, pretending to snipe at each other in public, and rendezvousing in Xander’s hotel room for secret sex. It’s a far cry from the constant stream of tears that once ran down Sarah’s face over her early romantic entanglements and baby devastation.

Sarah and Xander get busted in Ava's apartment on Days of Our Lives

Don’t get us wrong, we started rooting for the unlikely duo during all that anguish, but both Xarah and the audience have earned a little levity.

The shift we’re now enjoying occurred once they reunited last year. Sarah somehow found a way to forgive Xander for almost stealing her embryo to give to Kristen and for the baby swap. And, as soap fans, we don’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want the charming cad’s utter devotion?

Of course, in the real world, we would urge her to run far, far away.

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Thankfully, this is all fantasy, so we can indulge in the guilty pleasure, which will hopefully lead to more madcap adventures for the twosome. While we wait to see if that happens, take a look at where Xarah’s been in the photo gallery below, and then tell us where you hope they go in the year to come.

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