Charlie listens at the door on Days of Our Lives
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The walls are closing in on several people in Salem.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for January 11 -15, the game appears to be up for Charlie. Last week John and Steve learned from Ava’s cousin Angelo that Ava had another son named Charlie, and John quickly deduced he may be the Charlie that Claire is dating. As Ben and Marlena stopped Claire from getting intimate with Charlie, Rafe discovered Ava tied up and drugged in his apartment.

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This week, Charlie is brought into the Salem PD for questioning, as Claire cries that she had begun falling in love with him. Meanwhile, Tripp visits his mother in the hospital and asks her to tell him everything about Charlie. However, even if it’s proven he is the one who raped Allie, likely the same issue that came to prosecuting Tripp applies to Charlie, who just might go free with no charges filed against him.

After a disastrous New Year’s Eve, Gwen wasted no time telling Abby that she spent the night with a drunken Chad, who thought Abby was with Jake thanks to the nanny’s machinations. When Abby demanded Gwen leave the mansion after she fired her, Gwen blackmail Chad into finding a way for her to stay. The confrontations keep coming as Chad tearfully tells Abby they can get past this, but Abby doesn’t seem so sure. And when Gwen gloats about Chad’s talents in the bedroom, Abby up and slaps her.

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Xander has been convinced for weeks that Philip was embezzling money from Titan, only to realize he’s laundering it for Ava. Xander confronts Philip, who panics and warns Xander that the mob will kill him! Later, Brady urges Philip to stay away from Chloe. Could Brady and Chloe’s New Year’s celebration have meant more to him than he let Kristen, who fumed over the photo of them kissing in the paper, believe? And Chloe has her own tough question for Brady about his romantic future or lack of one.

Finally, Eli and Lani were devastated and left in disbelief that someone was able to kidnap their twins from the hospital. That someone was Dr. Raynor, who also played a part in swapping Kristen and Sarah’s babies. What is she up to this time? Bonnie ran into Raynor in Salem Place and gushed over the babies. After the news of the kidnapping gets out, Bonnie realizes she has important information for Lani and Eli.

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