It all started out when rebellious Julie Olson, (Charla Doherty), was arrested for stealing a fur coat from a department store in order to get the attention of her parents, Addie Horton Olson (Patricia Huston) and Ben Olsen (Robert Knapp). Of course, she lied to the police, telling them her surname was Horton and got her grandparents Tom and Alice involved. Since that day, November 8, 1965, there has been a cornucopia of drama, romance, and adventure being played out.

Sunday November 8, 2009 marks Days of Our Lives’ 44th Anniversary. To celebrate, would like to congratulate the show on 44 entertaining years and show the fans the very first opening sequence, along with clips from the first episode.

The episode 1 cast included Macdonald Carey (Dr. Tom Horton), who incidentally has been the voice in the opening sequence all these years, Frances Reid (Alice Horton), who is now a recurring character, Marie Cheatham (Marie Horton), John Clarke (Mickey Horton), Dick Colla (Tony Merritt), Charla Doherty (Julie Olson), Robert J. Stevenson (Detective Mike), Geraldine Lawrence (Diane), and Simone Pascal (Carol Proctor).

The first episode takes place at the Horton house, the police station and Bartlett’s Department Store.

When did you start watching Days of Our Lives and what are some of your fondest memories since you began viewing?